Sunday, March 18, 2018

Real Life Pisses Me Off

I Have No place for my laptop in my current living quarters,so I can't post any pics..yet. I can only use my tablet for now and It may be another year until my situation changes. So I was wondering KSC if I could contribute to this blog in another way until then?

I wanna post some written works,like fan fics and stuff. I await your answer.

A Centaur's Life: Manami Mitama

She is the class president of Nozomi's class. Her family runs a shrine and she works part-time as a shrine maiden. She has four sisters all younger than her own. The first three younger sisters are triplets and have the appearance of cat-man, despite being half-angel like Manami. The youngest sister has the appearance of both angel and and her father's species. Unlike Manami, Suetsumi does not have a halo.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Dragon Ball GT: Oceanus Shenron

Oceanus Shenron is the Shadow Dragon of Air and Wind. Unlike her comrades, except for Syn Shenron, Oceanus Shenron has the power to control wind element. She is born when Oolong ruins Emperor Pilaf's wish for world domination by wishing for a pair of panties from a "hot babe". The circumstances of her birth are a source of embarrassment to her, as she turns red when Goku asks how she was born. Even Pan blushes, but Goku still thinks it is funny.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Gangsta: Others

Sometimes when working on capping a character in an anime, you come across other characters with barefoot moments in it. While I was watching Gangsta to cap Constance...there were quite a few other characters whose feet made cameo appearances...
Ginger is a high ranked Twilight who is a member of the Paulklee guild (a group of Twilights that keeps other Twilights in check). She has anxious personality and tends to stutter when she is nervous. This disappears when she is fighting. Her speed is incredibly fast and she has the skills to match it. The episode I saw with her had her catch a blade and snap it apart with her bare hands. She seems to be in a relationship with the leader of her guild Gina.

When I was reading Ginger's Wiki bio, it compared the character's appearance to Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler and Karin from Naruto. I could totally see how that comparison is made. I also think she looks like Android 21 from Dragon Ball as well. ^_^

Gina Paulklee
Gina is the leader of the Paulklee guild. The guild is founded on 3 principles governing Twilight which are based on Issac Asimov's Robot Laws: 
  • No Twilight May Harm Humans.
  • Twilights must obey orders from Humans unless they conflict with the first rule.
  • If the situation does not conflict with the first and second principle, a Twilight must defend oneself.
Gina's enforces these laws taking down Twilights that break them. She is the oldest known Twilight in the series and while we don't see her use the full extent of her abilities in the anime, it is speculated that she is a very high ranked Twilight in terms of skills (most likely above Ginger in strength).

Heather is young Twilight who is out for revenge for the murder of her sister by another Twilight Erica. Her leg was damaged in the same attack. She is befriended by two members of the Monroe mafia family Delico and Yang who share the same purpose.

Loretta Cristiano Amodio
(These are capped from Gangsta episodes 10 and 11. Once again a Huge Thank you to Dean Lawrence for recommending this anime.)

Loretta Cristiano Amodio is the current leader of the Cristiano family. She is the daughter of the previous boss and a former prostitute. The Cristiano family is responsible for distributing the drug Twilights need to keep their abilities and temperament under control. Though relatively young, Loretta takes her job as a crime rather seriously. She refuses to be intimated and has earned the respect of her organization. When she is off duty she behaves more like a typical teenager and tends to be less serious and playful. 

Ok everyone that completes this set of Gangsta tributes. As always more to come soon!