Friday, July 21, 2017

Pixel Pinkie: Nina

After going through 52 episodes I finally got all scenes of Nina's adorable feet. Nina is the first character introduced in the Australian series, Pixel Pinkie. She has long orange hair tied in a ponytail. She makes friends with Anni who also finds out about Pixel Pinkie. Granted the show is garbage but Nina's one of my favorite animated girls despite that.

(For those wanting to know about the chicken feet, they're Nina's, in the episode ''Playing Chicken'' Nina feels her unfashionable old clothes are holding her back, especially next to Suzi, who has a new outfit for every day of the week. What she really wants is an outfit that will get her noticed, hopefully by basketball team-mate Max. Pixel Pinkie gives her an outfit that will get her noticed – a chicken suit. Humiliated at school, things get even worse when Nina realizes she’s slowly turning into a chicken, frankly I was disapointed we don't see her feet turn into talons or at the very least have burst out of her sneakers because I love transformations)