Friday, April 20, 2018


I have an question for you all: Do you have an collection of animated female feet on an folder of your computer or smartphone, let alone pictures were cut out of magazines or keep foot-related material with you in your bedroom? I had one that is over 6 years old since high school and never touched it since then. If not, you do want to start one and keep your collection as treasure?

Socks or No Socks (Results)

The results are in from the post I send yesterday, most of you had voted with honest opinions, the winner is No Socks. The reasons why No Socks won the vote are "You get to see their toes more", "The barefeet, is the best barefeet without shoes and without socks showing her beautiful feet and plant her feet directly", "Definitely no socks. Gotta see those cute toes", "Barefoot because I love to see those toes, soles and so on.", "Barefoot no doubt. If a girl has beautiful feet I love to look at her naked toes and soles when she walks around the house. Also the naked skin on her feet feels much better when cuddling with them" and "Barefoot, because you get the full package: soles, toes, and all, and if you're lucky, you might get the chance to see your favorite girl(s) with toenail polish." It seems like not many people prefer both socks and no socks and very few chosen socks. So for the winners, here are the rewards for those who wanted No Socks, here are some of my favorites from this blog since I'd arrived. Anyone who is an fan of my posts or anyone's else, please enjoy these pictures, showcasing the true beauty of female feet. Also, some of these pictures are hints for my future posts, so don't be surprised that they might reappear in this blog later.

This is my personal favorite endcard.
Hint #1
Hint #2
Hint #3
Hint #4
Hint #5
Hint #6
Hint #7
Hint #8
Hint #9
Hint #10
Anime Feet is the one of the best blogs I had ever visited, I'm an huge fan of this blog and I'm glad that I am part of the team. I might do some megaposts in the future on certain anime girls I like. This is my thanks for your appreciation towards my love for animated female feet.